Tales with few words…


“5…4…3…2…1… Lightsoff… Music!”
Back-stage- instructions; front stage- attention
Simple words they are for crowd in the fest
A high they bring in the performers all set
I read, I heard, I wished, I was there
The Summer-Winter Funks are a dancer’s affair
Check out the performances – hip-hop-jazz-contemporary it be
Bustling with mixed dancers- daddies-daughters-hubbies-buddies
Become ‘too much’ in busy weeks?
Only when music turns and curtains raise
You know why it was worth it.


They will be dead. Vicky and his 8 friends had mistakenly harassed the leather class- the biker’s girl.

For Sunny, 80 miles/hour was not about distance. With Sonia sitting behind him, the pistol in his pocket and his targets clear- it was about attitude. Almost reached. Impulsively, Sonia moved forward to face him. She was disturbingly good looking. Nevertheless, Sunny rode like there’s no tomorrow. And there wasn’t one.

A kiss in time saved nine

In eyes of broken-heart, actions of cheated soul,
I am common, I am famous, you’ll find me behold,
Envy-disappointment-hate shoo me out of their ring,
Negative-class they are, but damn! They are even inspiring,

I thought I was powerful, but power pities me too
Shows me I am fatal to the mind I enter into,
The victim may-may not die, his guilt dies for sure,
Forgiveness is rare, innocence is scarce, I destroy it all.
The First Victory

Kesha had been the star student. And she was not just that.
She was a winner since the time she did not even understand winning- it was more of a habit than a passion.
Failure is always behind the magnifying-glass, looks bigger than it is. It scared her-hell yes, made her work-yes, strengthened her-NO.
Not losing was the reality, winning was the illusion.
BUT…it was not late. Her ‘Realisation’- her first one.
The First Date

What? You don’t believe in love at first sight? You have to feel it to believe it
Not that I had never seen her before
We gawky teenagers loved to rave about beauties. But it was not just about the looks for me.
I knew I have to be patient
I was counting the days left
Dad, “Darling, as promised, your I-Touch.”
My dearest possession.

“Khush hai zamaana aaj pehli tareek hai”

The Stormy Night

The city seemed to be suddenly attacked
The boulevard was filled with fallen leaves
The hawker had taken refuge under the roof of the corner shop
The high-way was blinking with the red-lights of car; windows were pulled up
The sky was dark and starless, only ablazed by the lightning streaks
Last touches to the broken fence on the side-ways. Done.
Teacher, “We will send your entry for the ‘Art Attack 2012’ contest. Good work.”

Step out of your comfort zone and you know why they say ‘Home is where the heart is’.
Distance is a challenge.. new place brings uncertainty.
But then, life is less uncertain, more fun.
Just a matter of bumping into the right person.
If you stay with a flat-mate turned friend as awesome as mine, you don’t ask for more.
No wonder they also say ‘Home is where you make it.’
Cheers to US: )
No Gravity

Dear Thoughts:

I want you
To wander fearless and seamless
To feel palpable excitement and have the sphinx-like smile
To be on a long wild-goose chase before being sated
And at the end of the road, I wish you show me wonder there, wonder at me.
Don’t be pulled down. Which ‘force’ has worked on you!
Dear All:
Penny for your thoughts?


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