The beauty of sadness


You can only feel the feelings

And not question them

Just like love, thrill, joy, passion

Sadness is one amongst them

Don’t panic when it hits you

Feel the Satan so long it stays

Whirlpools only grip you

Till you fight with them in dismay

It never stays forever

Won’t stay for long

It’s imagination was worse than reality

You will get that once it’s gone


Yesterday is History, Today is Gift, Tomorrow is Mystery

For the ones who know nothing about it, it’s 2 words making no sense

For the ones who have heard about it, it’s one big EDM festival

But for the ones who have experienced it, Tomorrowland is magical, a memory foreverwpid-20140821_234933.jpg
It has come far

What started off as a 1 day festival and 1 thousand people in 2004 has become a 3 day festival with a crowd of 2 lakh plus in 2014

The Set and The Season

The festival happens in Boom (call it bo:m), a part of Antwerp in Belgium. The place is huge with 14 customised sets and you can just not be done with it. If the ‘Mainstage’ featuring best of the artists and pulling most of the crowd is surrounded by hills, the small ‘Dream Island’ having the fresh artists is in middle of a lake. Discovering the sneaky ‘Rave Cave’ when lights flash from beneath the lane on your way, entering the ‘Paradise’ indoors with dim lights and pumping energy, bumping into the isolated ‘Desperados’ at one of the ends, thinking of ‘Dim Mak’ as an amusement park with the giant wheel behind – pick a mood and there is a set for you. The sets make you smile, and when you hear the sound of water, feel the grass, see the sky blue throughout, you realise, even Nature smiles at Tomorrowland.
Say Hi to

This is my favourite part!

Who like who doesn’t land up in Tomorrowland! Right from Koreans till Americans.. from 20 years old to 50.. just by themselves, as couples, in group.. into EDM, just into music.. want to know the world, want to be in their own world.. all these people make it here!

The artists performing are again from all over.. the only common thing being, they breathe music! It was a great feeling to see Shaan, the first Indian DJ to be performing at Tomorrowland!

No matter how huge the place is, 1 lakh people can be chaos.. But here, we did not see a single outbreak in 3 long days… No signs of irritation, no signs of impatience.. People raised their voices only to cheer!

Happy faces waving their flags… You talk to some, dance with some, smile at some; only to eventually realise that music unites all like nothing else does.
Management and User Experience

For the nerds and no-nerds

1 lakh people at a time! Imagine the kind of planning which goes behind when no queue is longer than 5 minutes, no restrooms are out of order, no food is out of stock, no place is unclean.. On the last day, we were right in front of the Main Stage when it started raining.. And again, in 5 minutes, everyone on the ground, on the hills was distributed raincoats! They get the difference between showstopper and show stoppers

Not just that. Can you guess – How is it to be walking on a long wooden bridge, and noticing that there are messages carved on each log… What an adrenaline rush it is to be watching the whole of Tomorrowland from the giant wheel… How does it feel when you are having the best of the times, remember someone, don’t have a phone but spot a post-office… What it is like to lie on the grass and see the fireworks above in night.. See everyone’s wrist bands lit suddenly in middle of the last performance!

You get a map when you enter Tomorrowland.. On the map, Tomorrowland is a music festival but off the map, it is an Experience.
You don’t need to love EDM to love Tomorrow-land


Even if you have just seen it on youtube, you don’t need to be into EDM to go crazy when Armin in 2013 stepped on the stage, announced that his wife delivered a boy some hours back, dedicated his set to his son, had tears in the eyes and it started raining at that very moment.

If you have been a part of 10 year madness.. EDM lover or not.. You will witness what a David Guetta feels like to be a part of Tomorrowland since the time it has started.. You will see his goosebumps and feel that he will explode.. He’s turning the crowd crazy or the crowd is turning him crazy, you won’t be able to figure.. It’s epic either ways.

But you will be in love with EDM by the end of it

I don’t know how!


There are moments when you are at such a High that you can feel every sense of yours, know what you really are, see life in the simplest form in your head, in the best form in your sight. Something changes within, for good.

Tomorrowland gave us such moments. Indebted!


Thank you Deepika, it wouldn’t have happened without you

Tomorrowland gang, we experienced this together! You guys have become more special now : ))


Remix Review

Some days back, I got my Flipkart order Jugaad Innovation at work and Vishu delighted me with this book Steal like an Artist at home. Interesting and contrasting- is how these books came across and I started reading them simultaneously. At a point, I got lost in Jugaad Innovation and got on to the great doodad to know more about the real life stories narrated in the book. While reading about them, I started understanding Steal like an Artist better and what I find- these books are interesting and connecting!

Jugaad Innovation

We stay in a grey world; things are no longer black or white. The famous Indian headshake, not yes, not no, but maybe, is always looking for a way out. Jugaad Innovation is a brilliant result of extensive research by Navi Rajdou, Jaideep Prabhu and Simone Ahuja. The book effectively brings out how the Indovation (Indian model of innovation) approach distinguishes winners from the also-rans.

The word ‘Jugaad’ has a certain ring to it- is does not just stand for innovation, it stands for innovating frugal, homespun and simple solutions. The authors have derived principles on modus operandi of Jugaad innovators: identify opportunity in adversity, understand the theory of constraints better than Eliyahu M. Goldratt and produce more with less, romance with instability and adaptation, focus on simplistic solutions, cover niche markets and most importantly, follow your heart.

Also, the book addresses creative tension between the yin (structured) and yang (unstructured) aspects of innovation. Both these aspects need to work cohesively to ensure that jugaad innovation does not become another word for manipulation and compromise in quality.

You pick up this book, you will get a peep into the interesting world of grassroot entrepreneurs, organizations and companies working towards creating customer-centric, affordable and environmentally sustainable solutions. They are making the world a better place.

Steal like an artist

There is pleasure and then there is absolute pleasure – when it comes to reading, this book will make you feel that difference.

Austin Kleon beautifully brings out the universal truth that nothing comes from nowhere. Getting influenced, stealing an idea, working upon it and making it a better idea is as original as original can be. And once you embrace this truth, it liberates you from the self-created pressure of being ‘completely’ original. The earlier that happens, the earlier you can experiment on how to make influence work for you.

And those of you, who feel that this act of stealing would make the world a dull and monotonous place, feel no fear. Because that, is never happening. Everyone has more than one influence in life, and the more curious you are as a person, the more influences you will gather on your way. Our ideas are a product of our influences, and no two living beings can have identical set of influences in life. Apply permutation and combination to the influences out there and you can imagine the endless possibilities of a new bubble coming up- everyday, every moment.

The book is more appealing than any other art book, because the author strikes the balance when he discusses why having routine is more important than having ample time, how hobbies make your work better, what role does financial freedom play in life and the importance of being a nice person.

If pleasure is associated with art, then what stops you from associating art with work? Whatever you do- build buildings, crunch numbers, run a store, consult people- injecting some art into your work life is never a bad idea.

And the la-la-la tone of this book sets as a good kick off. Don’t be surprised to catch yourself smiling through the lines and graphics in the book.

Connecting the dots…

Constraints – beauty or the beast

How do artists work?

The world of art sees freedom in limitations. Having all the colors in the palette and all the time in the world is enough to kill creativity. So if you have everything, you choose to leave out something. Yes, if constraints do not exist, you create them – that’s how important they are.

What about Jugaad innovators?

In the best world, where one have abundant opportunities and resources, a binary thinker or a lateral thinker share same chances to flourish. But you and I don’t stay in the best world. Here, it is required to know how to make the bumps work for you and how to work amidst constraints- that’s what makes Jugaad innovators outshine the others!

Every work has constraints and constraints are chaotic. But chaos has a lot to do with exploiting creativity. I don’t know how aware the Jugaad innovators are of the creative streak within them, but I very well know that it is there! As Jaime Lerner had rightly said, “Creativity starts when you cut a zero from your budget.”

Thus, you may think out of the box in your head, but when you need to create a whole new box, you need to put your head as well as heart into it. Artists love constraints, Jugaad innovators face constraints- either way, it works for them!

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

When there is mind-boggling diversity, low per capita income, red tapism and acute resource constraints, it becomes more important to have customer centric attitude for earning a margin. Research says that most of the time, customers do not care about the bells and the whistles. In such a scenario, the genius of a Jugaad entrepreneur lies in his ability to resist from making what he is ‘capable of’, focus on the core requirements and make what is ‘required’. Simplicity is the lynchpin of his product.

And guess what the late jazz star Charles Mingus had to say about creativity – “Creativity is more than just being different. Making the simple awesomely simple, that’s creativity.”

Simplicity is not a short-cut, it requires a lot of work behind the scenes. Infact, simplicity offers no space to cover ambiguity under the garbs of complexity. You need to be crystal clear in head in order to make anything simple.

I said earlier that constraints give rise to chaos and chaos exploits creativity. So where does simplicity fit in this chain? In the end, because that is where creativity makes things simple and does not let chaos implode under the sheer weight of its own madness.

And the name of the game is

L E A P.

At a point, the dear man Albus Dumbledore tells Harry “Of course this is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?”

Jugaad entrepreneurs follow their beliefs. Artists follow their imagination. But when have beliefs and imagination worked on calculated risks? These people cannot be bonded by any set pattern for calling the shots. They thrive on passion.

And there is only one valuable thing in passion: the thing you cannot explain.

In the end, creating something is all in the name of the game. It is a lot bigger than us.

Tales with few words…


“5…4…3…2…1… Lightsoff… Music!”
Back-stage- instructions; front stage- attention
Simple words they are for crowd in the fest
A high they bring in the performers all set
I read, I heard, I wished, I was there
The Summer-Winter Funks are a dancer’s affair
Check out the performances – hip-hop-jazz-contemporary it be
Bustling with mixed dancers- daddies-daughters-hubbies-buddies
Become ‘too much’ in busy weeks?
Only when music turns and curtains raise
You know why it was worth it.


They will be dead. Vicky and his 8 friends had mistakenly harassed the leather class- the biker’s girl.

For Sunny, 80 miles/hour was not about distance. With Sonia sitting behind him, the pistol in his pocket and his targets clear- it was about attitude. Almost reached. Impulsively, Sonia moved forward to face him. She was disturbingly good looking. Nevertheless, Sunny rode like there’s no tomorrow. And there wasn’t one.

A kiss in time saved nine

In eyes of broken-heart, actions of cheated soul,
I am common, I am famous, you’ll find me behold,
Envy-disappointment-hate shoo me out of their ring,
Negative-class they are, but damn! They are even inspiring,

I thought I was powerful, but power pities me too
Shows me I am fatal to the mind I enter into,
The victim may-may not die, his guilt dies for sure,
Forgiveness is rare, innocence is scarce, I destroy it all.
The First Victory

Kesha had been the star student. And she was not just that.
She was a winner since the time she did not even understand winning- it was more of a habit than a passion.
Failure is always behind the magnifying-glass, looks bigger than it is. It scared her-hell yes, made her work-yes, strengthened her-NO.
Not losing was the reality, winning was the illusion.
BUT…it was not late. Her ‘Realisation’- her first one.
The First Date

What? You don’t believe in love at first sight? You have to feel it to believe it
Not that I had never seen her before
We gawky teenagers loved to rave about beauties. But it was not just about the looks for me.
I knew I have to be patient
I was counting the days left
Dad, “Darling, as promised, your I-Touch.”
My dearest possession.

“Khush hai zamaana aaj pehli tareek hai”

The Stormy Night

The city seemed to be suddenly attacked
The boulevard was filled with fallen leaves
The hawker had taken refuge under the roof of the corner shop
The high-way was blinking with the red-lights of car; windows were pulled up
The sky was dark and starless, only ablazed by the lightning streaks
Last touches to the broken fence on the side-ways. Done.
Teacher, “We will send your entry for the ‘Art Attack 2012’ contest. Good work.”

Step out of your comfort zone and you know why they say ‘Home is where the heart is’.
Distance is a challenge.. new place brings uncertainty.
But then, life is less uncertain, more fun.
Just a matter of bumping into the right person.
If you stay with a flat-mate turned friend as awesome as mine, you don’t ask for more.
No wonder they also say ‘Home is where you make it.’
Cheers to US: )
No Gravity

Dear Thoughts:

I want you
To wander fearless and seamless
To feel palpable excitement and have the sphinx-like smile
To be on a long wild-goose chase before being sated
And at the end of the road, I wish you show me wonder there, wonder at me.
Don’t be pulled down. Which ‘force’ has worked on you!
Dear All:
Penny for your thoughts?